’70s, baby.

We’re packing up and cleaning out to get ready for the remodel of the main floor, and I’m going through shelter magazines. Before I recycle it, I want to link to another article in the March 29, 2015 issue of T The New York Times Style Magazine by David Netto and Tom Delavan, Loving the Unlovable Decade. It’s subtitled, “Long derided as tacky and vulgar, the design of the ’70s is now a source of great inspiration.”

This issue also has an article about Gerald and Betty Ford’s house in Rancho Mirage, California – Restoration Politics, by Rob Haskell. The current owners bought the house with its original furnishings – including a seven-foot-tall portrait of Mrs. Ford that had been in the White House. Super cool.



The New York Times Style Magazine Spring Design issue came out today, full of cool stuff.  I really liked “The Triumph of Personal Style” by David Netto, in particular this:

The key is to make room for a style that comfortably finishes a house, respects the architecture and as its first priority, makes a portrait of its owner.

David Netto, The Triumph of Personal Style, New York Times Style Magazine, Design April 13, 2014.  I also liked “The Reinvention of Minimalism”, especially the photos of the living room and kitchen. Both have some features that seem to fit in a 70’s design: clean lines, geometric trim on the cabinets in the living room, plain front wood cabinets in the kitchen. (Not posting photos because I don’t have permission, and need to research this further.)


The house.

In the fall of 2013, we bought a tri-level house built in 1971.  Here’s a picture of it when it was built:


The house was in the same neighborhood we already lived in; we sold our new-when-we-bought it house because we wanted a house with a bigger yard and a basement that we could update. There are a lot of split-level and tri-level houses in our area, so we decided to focus on those – and especially tri-levels, because they have more of an entry way than most splits. We found our house through word-of-mouth. We love the house and the location. It’s on a great street with lots of other families (some of whom were already friends), and it’s walking distance to the beach, a couple of restaurants, and the library.

The house has a few things we really wanted: a master bathroom, a walk-in closet in the master, 4 bedrooms, and a pretty big kitchen/living room area. Before we moved in, we had the popcorn scraped off the ceilings and did some work on the upstairs. We took out all the carpet, replaced the trim around the doors and floors, and added new trim around the windows and the sliding glass door in the master bedroom. We replaced the hollow core doors with new doors, painted, and put new carpet in the bedrooms.  Now that we’ve moved in, we’re doing smaller projects (and still unpacking) on the weekends. I think our next real project will be the upstairs bathroom.  The biggest project will be a complete down to the studs remodel of the kitchen/living room – but that’s at least a couple of years out.

Here’s a picture of the house today:


Next up … posts about the initial work we did before we moved in.